Fiji National Team Profile: Abstinence Underestimated

Fiji National Team Profile: Abstinence Underestimated

Indonesia national team will serve resistance Fiji at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (2/9). Many say the Fiji team is weak, but that assumption is in fact wrong Situs Judi.

This match is obviously many predictions Indonesia will win. Indonesia, which is the 170th position of FIFA, has been promoted since Fiji is only ranked 181th in the world.

In Fiji, football is not a popular sport. The people there prefer to play rugby or cricket. However, in the past five years, the local government seems to have glimpsed football as one of the favorite branches

They then appointed the Frenchman, Christophe Gamel. Later, they began to show off on the world stage. Gamel worked hard to give birth to a classy player in the continent of Oceania.

“So I came to Fiji to have a mission to lift football there and make amateur players become professionals,” said Gamel in the official PSSI page.

“It’s the difference, you may find it very difficult to choose a player because there are so many islands in Indonesia and a starter of soccer players, but in Fiji we have trouble finding football players because the people there prefer to be rugby players,” he said. add.

World record

In 2015 then, Fiji even recorded a successful breaking the world record largest score in history. The Pacific island nation defeated the Micronesian state team with a score of 38-0.

However, it is unclear whether the match is recognized by FIFA or not. Therefore, the game is a tournament under age. Previously Micronesia also lost with a striking score from Tahiti 0-30.

In addition, Fiji has also served several world-class teams. They have played against Germany, Mexico and South Korea at the 2016 Olympics.

Although indeed, they must be satisfied dibondong 10 unrequited goals. This became the biggest defeat of Fiji who had previously beaten South Korea 0-8 and 1-5 from Mexico.

Fiji’s highest achievement in the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Nations Cup was the third winner in 1998 and 2008. This clearly signifies that the Bula Boys nicknamed team should not be underestimated.

The average Fijian player plays in his national league, only the name Scott Wara who takes knowledge at the academy of one of the clubs in the English league, Stoke City and Roy Krishna (Team captain) who plays in the A-League for Wellington Phoenix.

The friendly match between the two teams was the third time. At the first meeting held in Suva on 31 May 1981, Indonesia was able to withstand Fiji’s draw with a score of 0-0.

While at the second meeting at SUGBK Stadium, on August 10, 1981, Indonesia played a draw with Fiji with a score of 3-3.

Skuat Fiji

The following list of players Fiji vs Indonesia:

Goalkeepers: Simione Moci Tamanisau, Tevita Kalisito Cakau Koroi

Back: Epeli Leiroti, Laisenia Raura Naioko, Josefata Vunisina Neibuli, Dave Radrigai, Kavaia Rawaqa, Kolinio Vakarauvanua Sivoki, WaisakeTabucava, Remueru

Middle: Madhwan Aklesh Gounder, Junior Narendra Rao, Epeli Saukuru, Amani Makoe Valebalavu, Queen Tevita Waranaivalu, Shravan Sharma, Christopher Wasasala, Jonetani Nalulu Buksh

Home: Misaele Umeni Draunibaka, Setareki Waqanitoga Hughes, Iosefo Verevou, Roy Krishna (Captain)

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