Asri Akbar Dedicated Borneo FC Victory for the Death of Dad

Asri Akbar Dedicated Borneo FC Victory for the Death of Dad

Borneo FC midfielder Asri Akbar claimed to be grateful for his team’s 4-0 win over Mitra Kukar, on Monday (23/10/2017). He dedicated the victory to his late father who died last week.

33-year-old player was absent in the 30th week against Persela Lamongan. But while visiting Aji Imbut Stadium, Mitra Kukar’s headquarters, Asri contributed one assist for Borneo FC’s first goal scored by Lerby Eliandri.

“First of all, I am very grateful, thank God, it was a great match, the team worked all, working hard.This is for my deceased new papa,” Asri told official club Instagram account on Tuesday (24/10/2017).

In the party titled Derby Mahakam, Etam Pesut actually did not perform with the best strength. Attacking midfielders Flavio Beck Junior and Abdul Rachman were hit by card accumulation. While Wahyudi Hamisi and Dinan Javier are still undergoing injury recovery process.

But Asri said support for Borneo FC supporters who came to Tenggarong make pemin more enthusiasm. He said derby this time so one that memorable in his career.

“My spirit today is for my dad, and thanks to the support of Pusamania supporters who have come in. This is an incredible derby and I will never forget,” Asri said.

Through Borneo FC 4-0 victory rose to eighth position standings League 1. While Mitra Kukar hold in the rank 10.

Separate Exercise, Persib Striker Injury Expected Not Serious

Separate Exercise, Persib Striker Injury Expected Not Serious

Bad news approached Persib Bandung before meeting Barito Putera in League 1 advanced match at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Monday (09/10/2017). Striker mainstay, Ezechiel N’Douassel, got injured and had to practice separately at Lodaya Field, Wednesday (04/10/2017).

Team Persib doctors, Rafi Ghani explained, Ezechiel got injured after facing Persiba Balikpapan at Batakan Stadium, Sunday (01/10/2017).

“Ezechiel has a little problem in the left ankle, and after the last game there is nothing, after waking up after the game he felt the pain in the ankles of his left foot,” said Rafi Ghani. “He remembers pas game (versus Persiba Balikpapan) fouled opposing players,” he continued.

Based on observations, Rafi predicts the injuries suffered by former Hapoel Tel Aviv player is not a serious problem.

“Today is a separate exercise and get physiotherapist treatment, hopefully tomorrow can already practice,” he said.

Since joining the second round of League 1 competition, Ezechiel’s contribution to Persib is unquestionable. In the performance alongside Maung Bandung, the Chadian player scored four goals and four assists.

PS TNI Remove Ivan Kolev, Persela Try Finding the Gap

PS TNI Remove Ivan Kolev, Persela Try Finding the Gap

Coach Persela Lamongan Aji Santoso was shocked when told, that the PS PSI squad that will face his protege in a match at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (22/09/2017) afternoon, will be trained a different figure.

Aji Santoso admitted he had just heard from reporters that Ivan Kolev, who had achieved minor results in the last seven PSI PS matches, was replaced by former Celebest FC architect Rudy Eka Priyambada.

“Honestly I do not know, just heard this. However, sometimes the coach’s sudden change can provide a positive, can be negative, “said Aji Santoso, Thursday (9/21/2017).

From the negative side, the presence of the new coach figure will try to exploit Aji with Persela squad in order to win the game against PS TNI in the game.

“If positive, old players who do not fit the old coach can find a new figure. However, the problem is that the new coach also needs to adapt. This may be usable, “he said.

Moreover, Aji Santoso admitted, had learned the pattern of PS PS game from previous matches. Although at that time, PS TNI still trained by Ivan Kolev who is currently no longer with the team.

With such conditions, Aji Santoso is optimistic, Persela will again achieve the perfect points to mengatrol position that is currently stuck in the 14th position, with Raihan 27 points from 24 times a game.

“Because playing at home, we must memforsir to achieve three points. If the half goal was already three points, I do not matter, which is important how we get full points, “said Aji Santoso.

If successful get an additional three points from the contra game PS TNI, most likely the position of Persela in the standings will rush up. Given, the two teams above it Semen Padang and Sriwijaya FC, just one point with the same number of matches.

Fiji National Team Profile: Abstinence Underestimated

Fiji National Team Profile: Abstinence Underestimated

Indonesia national team will serve resistance Fiji at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (2/9). Many say the Fiji team is weak, but that assumption is in fact wrong Situs Judi.

This match is obviously many predictions Indonesia will win. Indonesia, which is the 170th position of FIFA, has been promoted since Fiji is only ranked 181th in the world.

In Fiji, football is not a popular sport. The people there prefer to play rugby or cricket. However, in the past five years, the local government seems to have glimpsed football as one of the favorite branches

They then appointed the Frenchman, Christophe Gamel. Later, they began to show off on the world stage. Gamel worked hard to give birth to a classy player in the continent of Oceania.

“So I came to Fiji to have a mission to lift football there and make amateur players become professionals,” said Gamel in the official PSSI page.

“It’s the difference, you may find it very difficult to choose a player because there are so many islands in Indonesia and a starter of soccer players, but in Fiji we have trouble finding football players because the people there prefer to be rugby players,” he said. add.

World record

In 2015 then, Fiji even recorded a successful breaking the world record largest score in history. The Pacific island nation defeated the Micronesian state team with a score of 38-0.

However, it is unclear whether the match is recognized by FIFA or not. Therefore, the game is a tournament under age. Previously Micronesia also lost with a striking score from Tahiti 0-30.

In addition, Fiji has also served several world-class teams. They have played against Germany, Mexico and South Korea at the 2016 Olympics.

Although indeed, they must be satisfied dibondong 10 unrequited goals. This became the biggest defeat of Fiji who had previously beaten South Korea 0-8 and 1-5 from Mexico.

Fiji’s highest achievement in the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Nations Cup was the third winner in 1998 and 2008. This clearly signifies that the Bula Boys nicknamed team should not be underestimated.

The average Fijian player plays in his national league, only the name Scott Wara who takes knowledge at the academy of one of the clubs in the English league, Stoke City and Roy Krishna (Team captain) who plays in the A-League for Wellington Phoenix.

The friendly match between the two teams was the third time. At the first meeting held in Suva on 31 May 1981, Indonesia was able to withstand Fiji’s draw with a score of 0-0.

While at the second meeting at SUGBK Stadium, on August 10, 1981, Indonesia played a draw with Fiji with a score of 3-3.

Skuat Fiji

The following list of players Fiji vs Indonesia:

Goalkeepers: Simione Moci Tamanisau, Tevita Kalisito Cakau Koroi

Back: Epeli Leiroti, Laisenia Raura Naioko, Josefata Vunisina Neibuli, Dave Radrigai, Kavaia Rawaqa, Kolinio Vakarauvanua Sivoki, WaisakeTabucava, Remueru

Middle: Madhwan Aklesh Gounder, Junior Narendra Rao, Epeli Saukuru, Amani Makoe Valebalavu, Queen Tevita Waranaivalu, Shravan Sharma, Christopher Wasasala, Jonetani Nalulu Buksh

Home: Misaele Umeni Draunibaka, Setareki Waqanitoga Hughes, Iosefo Verevou, Roy Krishna (Captain)

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

It is common knowledge that wing midfielder Persib Bandung, Febri Hariyadi became the target of many clubs, including the Malaysian team, Selangor FA. Since the start of the season the Red Giants reportedly want to bring Febri to Shah Alam Stadium.

This issue had subsided, but recently players from Indonesia who took part in Selangor FA, Andik Vermansyah said if the management is still interested to bring Selangor Febri.

Tanpaknya Selangor management addicted to the services of players from Indonesia after achieving success with Bambang Pamungkas, Elie Aiboy and Andik last.

However, Selangor’s passion for being able to get Febri’s services should be a one-handed clap. Section Persib management asserted will not remove Febri regardless of the transfer price proposed.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar said if Febri has been tied with the duration of long-term contract, so he believes Febri will not leave the team bobotoh darling.

“Not only Selangor, but also many other teams, but we still keep Febri because the contract is still long,” said Umuh.

Umuh rate, Febri is one of the valuable assets for sku Maung Bandung today. In addition to having the ability above the average, Febri is still young and is a result of upgraded Persib junior players.

“Febri is an asset, he is young and a West Java man, he certainly needed Persib for the future,” said Umuh.

40 Years, 16 Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games

40 Years, 16 Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games

Indonesia and Malaysia will meet for the 16th time in the SEA Games men’s soccer branch for 40 years of participation Agen Sbo. Indonesian and Malaysian national team will duel in semifinal SEA Games 2017, Saturday (26/08/2017).

Indonesia first met Malaysia in the 1977 SEA Games. At that time, Indonesia won in the group phase, but failed to move to the final and Malaysia won the gold medal.

In 1979, Indonesia also bite the fingers. Drawing 0-0 in the group phase, but lost on the gold medal.

SEA Games Indonesia Semi-Finals Schedule Vs Malaysia, August 26, 2017

Total, 15 times Indonesia meets Malaysia at SEA Games. Interestingly, both teams both won six victories, not including victory via penalties.

That way, whoever wins the semi-final match later will be superior because of winning one victory over his rival.

Who will win the seventh? The match at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (26/08/2017) will be decisive.

Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games:

1977 – Indonesia 2-1 Malaysia (Group)
1979 – Indonesia 0-0 Malaysia (Group)
1979 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Final)
1985 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Bronze Contest)
1987 – Indonesia 1-0 Malaysia (Final)
1989 – Indonesia 0-2 Malaysia (Group)
1991 – Indonesia 2-0 Malaysia (Group)
1995 – Indonesia 3-0 Malaysia (Group)
1997 – Indonesia 4-0 Malaysia (Group)
1999 – Indonesia 6-0 Malaysia (Group)
2001 – Indonesia 1-2 Malaysia (Group)
2005 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Bronze Contest)
2011 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Group)
2011 – Indonesia 1-1 Malaysia – Pen 3-4 (Final)
2013 – Indonesia 1-1 Malaysia – Pen 4-3 (Semi-finals)
2017 – Indonesia x-x Malaysia (Semi-finals)

Play: 15
Indonesia wins: 6
Series: 3 (including penalties)
Malaysia Win: 6

Persib Steal Points from Arema, Jose Appreciation Rear Line

Persib Steal Points from Arema, Jose Appreciation Rear Line

Caretaker Persib, Herrie “Jose” Setyawan “lift hat” for his foster children who successfully held a goalless draw Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Saturday (12/08/2017) night Sbobet Casino.

Appreciation of Jose is not excessive when he saw the meeting Maung Bandung defense that makes Cristian Gonzales cs look frustrated.

“Very appreciate the work of the players behind, solid, solid, good cooperation, mutual communication,” said Jose in Bandung, Sunday (08/13/2017) afternoon.

Not only the defense that he acungi thumb. According to Jose, overall, solidity between these lines makes Persib can reduce the power of the host team.

“All players who play all full of motivation, high motivation,” he said.

Jose was grateful for achievement of one point. He was determined, in the second round, his team can continue to gain points to improve the position on the board standings.

“Alhamdulillah we can take points there, we are determined to take the points in every second round, we do not speak the standings but every game must be maximum, we have to take points,” he said.

Jamu Persela, Persib Ambition to Treat Injuries

Pelatih Persib Djadjang Nurdjaman saat diwawancarai di Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanaja, Selasa  (11/7/2017)

Jamu Persela, Persib Ambition to Treat Injuries

Persib Bandung wants to get up from post-defeat controversy controversially from Madura United last weekend. Mission to treat the wound will be presented in the 14th week of League 1 Indonesia when Maung Bandung entertain Persela Lamonga.

The duel will take place at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA) on Wednesday (12/7/2017) night. Coach Persib Bandung Djadjang Nurdjaman claimed to have forgotten minor results in the last game.

He asked his foster children to focus on preparing for Persela. Especially now Persib want to keep a positive result when competing at home.

“I read the situation of players on the way home yesterday I did not see the disappointment that continued on the way yesterday because they feel that they have performed well, all-out and they lost because of the referee’s behavior, which means there is no mental players depression,” said Djadjang Graha Persib Jalan Sulanja, Tuesday (07/11/2017).

Touched about the strength of the opposing team, Djadjang Persela rate currently can not be underestimated. Djanur, greeting familiar, argue the composition of Persela players currently far more mature than during the Cup president yesterday.

“There are some players we are aware of, one of them is striker Ivan Carlos, he is a strong player, has speed, stubborn, and has high productivity, not to mention Eka and Agung and former Persib players whose outstanding contribution in Persela plus more Samsul, “said Djanur.

“There are some players who definitely give their own color for Persela, I know that former Persib players when they come up with their clubs must have double motivation,” he added.

Djanur also assessed the current condition Persela parallel to Persib. In the standings board, Persela perched position 11, one level above Persib. It proves that the power of Persela can not be underestimated.

“We know Persela is currently on fire, last 3-0 win over Borneo means Persela is a team that we take into account, especially when Persela play in Bandung we can not feel good or can freely play their opponent,” he said.

Hamsa Lestaluhu Fails at AFF Cup

Hamsa Lestaluhu Fails at AFF Cup
Hamsa Lestaluhu midfielder is certainly absent to strengthen Indonesia U-16 national team AFF Cup U-15 Thailand on 9-22 July 2017. Tien Phong Plastic Cup best player was smothering knee injury.

“Yes, we lost Hamsa for the AFF Cup Cup, he has to rest for two weeks,” coach Fakhri Husaini told reporters after the U-16 national team release at Kopassus Headquarters, Cijantung, East Jakarta, Thursday (6/7/2017 ).

“We’ll find Hamsa’s replacement. It is not impossible we will also change the scheme of play. Lucky, we have a deep squad, “said former coach Pupuk Kaltim Bontang it.

Meanwhile, Hamsa Lestaluhu looked hit with injuries he suffered since the trial counter Persija U-16, Tuesday (4/7/2017). Even so, players from Tulehu origin is still giving encouragement to his colleagues.

“I told my friends to focus on the game. Do not think about me. I want my friends to bring trophies back to Indonesia, “said Hamsa with tears in his eyes.

The U-16 national team is scheduled to leave for Thailand on Friday (7/7/2017). In the first game, Garuda Asia squad, nickname U-16 national team, will meet Myanmar on Sunday (9/7/2017).

AFC Choose Bambang Pamungkas So Asian Balloon, Most Fearless

AFC Choose Bambang Pamungkas So Asian Football Icon, Most Popular Persija Jakarta striker Bambang Pamungkas, officially crowned as one of the AFC Asian football icons Agen Bola Sbobet.

Previously, the Asian Football Association has also selected the names of world-famous origin of the Yellow Continent such as Hidetoshi Nakata and Shinji Kagawa.

The main AFC barometer chose Bepe, greeting Bambang Pamungkas, is the individual achievement of the players with the Indonesian national team and several clubs that are defended, especially Persija Jakarta.

Noted, Bepe is still the most performers for the Indonesian national team with 86 caps. Retired in the national team in April 2013, Salatiga Training dropout that remains the most fertile in the Red and White squad with a notch 38 goals.

Only, in terms of achievement, the achievement of Bepe for 14 years with the national team is not very good. The former Selangor FA player “only” brought Indonesia to win the Cup of Independence in the 2000 and 2008 editions.

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On the club side, more than 18 years old costumed Bambang Persija. So far, players who are known to be selective when speaking to the media have scored over 150 goals in total!

Bepe charm is not only channeled in the green field. The man born in Semarang is also “loved” sponsor and commercial products are racing to make it as a brand ambassador.

Because of that also, it is not wrong if Bepe was selected as the torch bearer of 2012 London Olympics with businessman Sandiaga Uno, politician Wanda Hamidah, and women caring akitivis, Ika Trifisusanti.

The figures are considered to have contributed and inspired the community.

AFC revealed the story of Bepe since the first costumed national team until the final action of AFF Cup 2012.

Closing the history of Bambang Pamungkas on his official website, the Asian Football Association confirmed that Bepe is “A true legend for both club and country, and a true Asian icon”.

Arsenal midfielder Bandung, Michael Essien ahead of his match counter Arema FC in the opening party League 1 season 2017 at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA), Saturday (15/4/2017). (HERKA YANIS PANGARIBOWO / JUARA.NET)
Persib, the most popular club in Asia
In addition, AFC has also released a list of the most popular clubs in Asia. AFC makes an assessment based on the largest number of followers on Facebook social media.

West Java, Indonesia, who is now playing in League 1, Persib Bandung, was selected to be the most popular club in the Asian Continent.

Maung Bandung, nicknamed Persib, currently has 9.5 million followers on his official Facebook account, beating top clubs in Japan, South Korea and China.

AFC claims, the recruitment of former Chelsea and Real Madrid star, Michael Essien, became one of these factors.

Moreover, after that, Persib also recruit former West Ham United player, who also played in Chelsea, Carlton Cole.

“With 9.5 million followers on Facebook, Indonesian giants Persib Bandung, former club Chelsea and Real Madrid star Michael Essien could be (probably) claimed to be the most popular club in Asia,” the AFC said on its official website.

Here is a list of the top seven AFC clubs released by AFC based on the number of followers on Facebook:

1. Persib Bandung (Indonesia)

2. Guangzhou Evergrande (China)

3. Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia)

4. Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)

5. Muangthong United (Thailand)

6. Johor Darul Ta’zim (Malaysia)

7. Persepolis (Iran)